What I Believe

I believe that the purpose of life is to love;  to love each other, but most importantly, to love ourselves.  I believe that each of us harnesses a unique energy and special gifts that are meant to be honored and shared with the world. 


I believe that it is normal to feel sad, insecure, angry or worried.  I also believe it's possible to rise through these emotions and thoughts and create a powerful life, regardless of what the world throws our way.  Thoughts are like clouds, as that they come and go.  You can choose to acknowledge them and let them blow by or you can choose to be held captive by them.  I believe each of us has the power to be free from our thoughts.

I believe that it is our birthright to live a joyful, peaceful existence.  We do not have to work for happiness and we do not have to earn it.  It is ours to claim if we choose to.  I believe that the choice is yours and yours alone. 


I believe that you can learn and grow from your experiences, or you can become a victim of your circumstances.  The only person responsible for your happiness is you.  I believe that it is possible to remove yourself from guilt, shame, doubt and fear.  You are the only one standing in your way.

I believe that with a little love and support, you can remove the layers of lies you've piled onto yourself, stop self-sabotaging, and finally see clearly so you can courageously create your dream life.

I believe this to be true because I'm living proof.

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Why work with me?

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I have been trained by the world's leading coaching institution and have coached people through various life challenges:

I am a Professional Certified Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.  I am also a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.  I hold a certification as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and I've completed additional training with organizations like Dale Carnegie as well as Landmark Education.   In addition to my certifications, I currently collaborate with two leading coaching organizations where I've spent hundreds of hours supporting clients through various challenges.

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I am an Intuitive Empath:

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I am Claircognizant:

Not to get all woo woo on you, but ...I just know things.  I can't explain how or why but I get inklings from time to time and find myself in full clarity.  How does this help me coach you?  I can "hear" what you're not telling me and I can sense what you're not sharing.  This is powerful stuff because as a coach, my goal is to help you see what I see.  What are your special super powers?  How are you unknowingly self-sabotaging?  What are your core values?  We can't always see these things clearly but as a claircognizant coach, I can help you identify these very important pieces so you can gain the necessary clarity to start building your beautiful, purposeful life.

Compassion, understanding and love are some of my core values.  As a non-judgmental coach, my goal is to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.  In my past, I've personally struggled through trauma, extreme coping mechanisms and severe low self-esteem so I have no place for judgement.  I understand that as humans, we all have our "stuff."  My intuitive senses can hone in on what might be causing you suffering and my empathetic approach will provide a nurturing, yet direct environment for ultimate self-growth.

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My Experience

I work with people from all walks of life, including Fortune 500 executives, heads of households, students and entrepreneurs, and I bring the same empathetic, compassionate and direct approach to them all.  I use coaching methods guided by the principles of Core Energy Coaching™ and a proven process known as Energy Leadership™, which is rooted in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and psychotherapy.  As an intuitive coach, I support my clients in gaining tremendous insight into their current approach to work and life and guide them in discovering ways to make intentional choices by uncovering their core values and obliterating their limiting beliefs and internal barriers.   I help shine a light on their unique talents and strengths and support them in overcoming their insecurities and doubts.  Through this work, my clients have become unapologetically confident and courageous in taking conscious action toward living a meaningful life. My goal is to not only help my clients gain clarity on a path forward which aligns with their personal values, but also support them in taking realistic action toward walking that path. 


"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

- Howard Thurman

Love From Clients

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Scott, Social Media Executive

"I have been blown away by Jessica's positive energy, her intuitive and powerful listening skills, and her perceptive ability.  Jess expertly partners with her clients and her warm demeanor and confidence have given me a big boost of assurance and courage towards facing whatever challenge I have brought to her."

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Linda, Education Professional

"Jessica's warm, engaging style, curiosity, and strong, intuitive listening skills were key in helping me gain new insights about me and my goals. She is a client's "best friend" and having her as my coach helped me be motivated, clear, and courageous in pursuing my dream of setting up my own business."

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Ed, Financial Operations

"Such an amazing experience with Jess. She’s helped me visualize and actualize several of my goals set forth at the beginning of our coaching! I would recommend her as a coach to anyone looking for help to articulate and action personal/professional goals."

Image by Brian Tromp

Amy, Management Analyst

"Our first call far exceeded my expectations. In talking with Jessica

I had realizations about myself and why I have certain feelings at work that I had never even considered until today. It was enlightening. I came away feeling like I had a better understanding of myself and my place here in my department."

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Diane, Top 1% Realtor

"Jessica's coaching abilities are amazing.  She really understands how to plant seeds for thought and change when working with her clients."

Image by Jaddy Liu

Irene, Financial Planning & Analysis

"Coaching with Jessica is amazing.  Jessica is a great coach who finds a way to help me relax, gain new insights and discover ways to improve my life."

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Connor, Project Director, Commercial Real Estate

"Jessica helped me stay on track with my professional goals through all of the new distractions I had.  She is great at providing a different perspective and asking the right questions to provoke deliberate thought.   Her encouragement has also allowed me to become more empathetic toward the people I work with and manage."  

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Sam, Finance, Government

"Working with Jessica was a great experience.  It truly was invaluable.  She helped me uncover so many new insights which have been like nuggets of gold!"

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Despina, Executive Chef, Bakery Owner

"Jessica's genuine desire to help others lead happy & meaningful lives comes through within moments of speaking with her. My first session felt like a relaxed conversation, and that was comforting. It can be scarily overwhelming to decide to feel vulnerable (in any capacity) to another human being. This is true for most of us almost all of the time, but it is especially true during a time of introspection. Taking a personal journey for growth & clarity is intimidating, and I found that Jessica listens in an attentive, non-judgmental way. She helped me understand my goals as well as personal roadblocks I was creating for myself. When I felt unsure of how to respond, she guided the conversation with various perspectives at different questions and concepts. She is pure in nature and honest in conversation, and that helped diffuse the anxiety brought on by choosing to face myself. Understanding yourself often means being patient with the comprehension of your own thoughts, and Jessica helped me feel at ease to do just that."

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Taylor, Finance and Investments

“When I was first researching Jessica and saw her photo, I was immediately drawn to it because of how colorful it looked.  I wasn’t looking for a buttoned up, serious coach who would tell me about facts and data.  I wanted to work with someone who would talk to me like a human.  Jessica was so friendly and made me feel like an equal.  I feel like she’s the type of person I can text to tell her about how great my day is going.  I really appreciated the space she created for me to be open and vulnerable.”


Jeanette F. Chaplin, Ed.D., Owner Words are Forever

"I first began coaching sessions with Jessica at the beginning of 2020—a year that has taken us all down unexpected paths. I had previously experienced some personal losses but had eventually reached the point where I could turn my attention to moving my writing, editing, and training business online. As a creative, I was inundated with more ideas than I could possibly carry out. My attempts to organize them bore more resemblance to the Neverending Story than a To Do list. Jessica’s upbeat and clear guidance helped me focus my efforts. Little by little I formed the habit of choosing narrow and specific tasks each week so that I was able to concentrate on the items that were helping me accomplish my most significant goals. I still have a long way to go, but Jessica’s patient and insightful direction has moved me closer to where I want to be, which is taking authors from aspiring to avid. Her encouragement has helped me gain momentum and I am moving more confidently toward my goals—and I’m crossing things off that unending list."

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Andrew, Product Manager, Multinational Technology Company

"Before coaching with Jessica, I felt like I wasn't good enough. I was lacking confidence.  Through our time together, that self-belief has come back. I've realized that perhaps it is better to be who I am."