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I have always felt an enormous pull to inspire, uplift and empower others and I am passionate about leading my life with kindness and compassion.  As an intuitive, I am a strong observer and listener.  I can perceive the emotions and needs of others, which supports me in coaching and helping my clients. 


I believe that each of us is meant to live an extraordinary life but as emotional beings, we can easily forget and lose sight of who we are and what lights us up.


As we experience life, we create a set of filters that shape our perception of reality.  If you are sensitive, like me, you may have absorbed the filters of others by taking in their thoughts and energy and making it mean all sorts of things such as feeling like you’re not good enough or that trying something new is too difficult.  You may feel like you don’t deserve to be happy or that you’re not smart enough, so your opinion doesn’t matter.  Maybe you believe you will never have the life you want and it’s too late to take action.

ICF, Associate Certified Coach

Certified Professional Coach

Master Practitioner, Energy Leadership™ Index

Public Relations & Marketing Executive

When you struggle to create healthy boundaries, it becomes easier to let the opinions and judgements from others shape your own feelings, thoughts, and actions.  This can cause you to create layers of feelings and thoughts that you think are yours but are actually being projected onto you by the people in your life.  When you allow those feelings and thoughts to dictate your actions, you are reactive and are living at the effect of your life.  Life happens to you.  To be at the cause, where you are calling the shots and creating your desired outcomes, you must become more aware of what feelings and thoughts are showing up and learn how to consciously choose your actions to best serve you.


That is where I come in! 


As a Core Energy Coach™, I am professionally certified and trained to help you uncover these filters.  I will support you in discovering your E-Factor by peeling back the layers you’ve piled on throughout your life.  I will help you implement tools to create healthy boundaries with those people in your life that make you feel small and I will support you in gaining the confidence to start expressing yourself freely, dreaming big, and designing a life that sparks a fire in your soul. 


Allow me to help you let your light shine bright!

A little more about my story...

From a very young age, I always felt very small.  Literally and figuratively – being that I’ve only grown to just under 5 feet tall.  But this is not about my height.  This is about my consciousness and what I allowed myself to believe for a long time before I understood that I am the only one responsible for the results I achieve in this life.

I was and have always been a sensitive and intuitive soul.  I care deeply about others and struggled with the pain of always wanting to please people.

When I think back over my adolescence, the years that followed into college, and the beginning of my career, what comes to mind is fear.  Fear of being disliked.  Fear of looking stupid.  Fear of failure.  Fear of confrontation.

This constant internal nagging to try and make others happy tied to the personal experiences I encountered throughout my life, led me to develop this notion that I was just not good enough.  From being bullied starting at the age of 5 all the way through my professional career, being made to feel small or inadequate by ego-driven managers, I let my life circumstances shape the perception I had of myself.  I was not smart enough, thin enough, funny enough, or interesting enough.  

I had absorbed every negative comment I heard and believed that each hurtful comment or judgment made toward or about me, was the truth.  Not only that, but I created stories about what these comments meant and made assumptions about my future.  This resulted in feelings of loneliness, confusion, apathy, frustration, and most prevalent at that time, low self-worth.

Worthless, hopeless, fearful, stuck.  These were all feelings that dominated my consciousness.  Or I should say, my lack of consciousness allowed these feelings to take over.

I struggled with student loan debt and finding a passionate career.  I felt completely overwhelmed by doubt and feared that my life would never change.  I blamed myself and everyone around me for why my life felt so worthless.

A few years after graduating from college, when I was working at a small Public Relations agency in New Jersey, I began to feel like every day was like the movie Ground Hog's Day.  I was desperate for a change. It was around this time that I began my journey to self-awareness and personal development.

I slowly started to uncover that I was the true definition of a self-made victim.

What happened to that ambitious, creative, talented, beautiful, kind, compassionate, sensitive, loving person?  Well, she was still there.  She was just buried under a layer of self-pity.

The truth is, it was hard to admit that I felt so low but it makes sense that one would question their self-worth when they were living life with no boundaries and putting the needs of others before their own. 

I didn’t know then what I know now, which is that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.  You can learn and grow from your experiences, or you can become a victim of your circumstances. 


I did not want to be a victim anymore.  From attending workshops, reading books, listening to podcasts, and participating in talk therapy, I slowly started to uncover what it meant to be a conscious and courageous person. 


I focused on self-reflection and uncovered that I was truly the catalyst to all the results I was achieving… or lacking.   I also began to understand that, although I felt like a victim of judgment, I was the one judging those around me, making up stories about the people in my life, and assuming the worst.  Once I started to talk more honestly with those around me, and open my mind to new possibilities, I began to realize that I was loved, and I did matter.  Additionally, I discovered that those who bullied me or made me feel bad, were struggling themselves and their words and actions had nothing to do with me at all.

This period of self-reflection and awareness led me to discover Core Energy Coaching™ and inspired me to become a Certified Professional Coach. 


It became my mission to help those who suffer from self-criticism to remove the layers of fear and doubt they had built up so they could start living with passion, purpose, and excitement.  I have dedicated my life to helping people find and understand their power.

I help people rise in the face of fear and push through insecurities so they can rediscover and embrace their unique talents and gifts and start living their lives with intention.  I support people in setting healthy boundaries and finding the courage to prioritize their own values, needs, and desires.  

Each of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be, and every single moment is an opportunity to decide who you want to be and what kind of life you want to live.  The choice is yours.

You matter.  It’s time to be unapologetically you, to let your light shine, and to start loving yourself and your life.

You are an incredible gift to this world because there is no one else in the entire universe who brings your unique personality, talents, and gifts.

So, how can you start embracing your uniqueness, stop apologizing for being you, and start living a life where you get to show up every single day feeling completely authentic and fulfilled?  Apply for coaching today and find out!

Before becoming a coach ...

I spent more than a decade working along national and global corporations in marketing and public relations.  I have experience working directly with C-suite executives, celebrities and business owners, partnering with them to develop successful campaigns.  I currently support a high-conscious global negotiation consulting firm as their Marketing & Community Manager and love bringing my empathetic coaching style to all internal conversations.

In 2019, I married my husband, Joe, and currently reside in New Jersey, at the shore.  I live in alignment with my core values: family, flexibility, creativity, service to others and authenticity.

When I am not supporting my clients, I enjoy traveling, painting, playing and listening to music, spending time on the beach, hanging with our Sheepadoodle, Cosmo, and trying new and delicious foods!

Credentials and Education

Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching

Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner
International Coaching Federation

Associate Certified Coach

Dale Carnegie Course® Effective Communications & Human Relations

Hofstra University

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations  

The Landmark Forum​

Self Expression and Leadership Program

Rutgers Business School

Mini-Masters of Business Administration in Digital Marketing

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