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Girl Walking in Desert

"Jessica's coaching abilities are amazing. She really understands how to plant seeds for thought and change when working with her clients."

- Diane, Top 1% Realtor

Image by Janine Joles

"They say lavender softens anxiety

and I wonder whether I can plant a garden

so dense in your mind

that the knots unravel

and never tighten again."

-Jasmine Kaur

About Jessica

As a coach, Jessica works with people from all walks of life, including Fortune 500 executives, heads of households, students and entrepreneurs.  Her empathetic, compassionate and direct approach has earned her the trust of her clients, with more than 80% of them referring to her coaching sessions as "life-changing".


Jessica is fearless with her clients, diving deep into their inner most dreams and goals.  Her coaching methods, which are rooted in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and psychotherapy, are researched backed, and proven to create sustainable results for her clients.

A Certified Professional Coach, Jessica is a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  Jessica is also a Energy Leadership™ Index - Master Practitioner.

Prior to becoming a coach, Jessica held a successful career in marketing and public relations where she led campaigns for clients like Jordan Sparks, Buzz Aldrin, Hint Water and Mary Kay Cosmetics.  She's worked alongside national and global C-Suite teams to generate effective campaigns and national media coverage resulting in increased revenue and established reputations.

While navigating her professional career, Jessica often became the unofficial coach on her teams.  As peers and leaders confided in her, she became aware of her passion for connecting with and supporting others.  Her ability to observe and listen intently, gave her an edge that allowed her to develop strong relationships and empower others.  Effective communication is her super power.

Now, as a coach, Jessica is adamant about helping others live in alignment with their personal values and passions.  She believes that life is just too short to be living on the sidelines.  If you're ready to start playing the game of life on your terms, honoring your life rules, contact Jessica today for your complimentary introductory call.

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Work with Jessica

Connect with Jessica to learn more about how coaching can catapult you onto a transformational journey where you call all the shots!

In the forest

We either grow, or we die.  Death is not what happens to us at our physical demise but anytime in our life we accept indifference and stagnation.

Growing is what coaching is all about.  Your life only gets better when you grow.  Invest in yourself and the rest will follow.

More About Jessica

Jessica is on a constant journey of personal growth.  She values authenticity and believes that it is crucial to our well-being to honor our values and challenge ourselves for constant evolution. To become the greatest leader of your life means to be on a continuous path toward full self-awareness.  It all starts within.

Jessica is passionate about empowering others to feel confident enough to build themselves up in all areas of their life, not just their career.  Focusing on what makes them unique or participating in activities that cultivate learning contributes to fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Because of this, Jessica is not shy about trying new things at any age.  When she is not coaching, Jessica writes music on her piano and ukulele, and performs locally.   She is also a fine artist and creates vibrant, abstract paintings for local art shows.  Most recently, Jessica worked with her dog, Cosmo, to become a Certified Therapy Dog.  Together, with Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. (a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization) they provide unconditional love, boost self-esteem, and relieve loneliness for those in need. 

She lives an intentional life in a New Jersey beach town with her husband, a volunteer firefighter.  They spend their time giving back to their community and helping others in need.

What makes you unique?  What brings you fun and enjoyment?  Being the leader of your life means knowing what YOU need, to show up for yourself.  Only then you can show up for others and be a more confident and conscious leader.

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