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Stop apologizing for being yourself.

You are worthy.  You were meant to thrive, not just survive.  Transform your world into the adventure you've always dreamed of ... the life you deserve.

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Hi!  I'm Jessica.

My journey to now started as a desperate act to find hope.  When I think back over my adolescence and the years that followed all the way into the beginning of my career, what comes to mind is fear.  Fear of being disliked.  Fear of looking stupid.  Fear of failure.  Fear of confrontation.  I had become so crippled with insecurities and fear that I had completely lost sight of who I was and what I wanted out of life.

From a young age I felt extreme empathy and compassion.  I knew as a child that we were meant to be kind to one another, but not everyone got the memo.  When the big, scary world started to knock me onto my face, I created a rule that in order to feel like I was enough and in order to be liked, I must become a people pleaser so I could make others happy. Well, that didn't work because I still felt like I wasn't good enough.

After years of making choices from a place of fear, doubt and insecurity, I finally had enough.  I was exhausted and quite frankly, I felt hopeless.  I knew there had to be more to life.  With the help of coaching, I was able to wipe my lenses clean and gain a whole new perspective on life.  I realized that I had become a victim of my circumstances.  I had turned everyone and everything into the reason why I was unhappy. 


With support, I discovered tools to help me uncover my true worth.  I realized that I was responsible for myself and I had been giving my power away for far too long. 


Throughout this journey, I have gained tremendous confidence in believing I deserve to live a powerful life and I have used these new tools to build a life that aligns with who I am.  I feel grateful to have had an opportunity to gain this new life and it has become my passion to support others in doing the same.   


You matter.  It’s time to be unapologetically you, to let your light shine, and to start loving yourself and your life.

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I learned that your "ultimate guru lives within you.  That is why the word guru is spelled g-u-r-u: "gee, you are you.""

- Alan Cohen, A Course in Miracles Made Easy

"The healer you have been looking for is

your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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Love From Clients

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John, Director, Global Financial Institute

"Working with Jessica has been invaluable.  I have seen tremendous growth as a leader through our coaching.  Jessica is the best coach and I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life."


Joelle, Author, Publicist, Writer

"Jessica always provides great support because she reminds me of important things, like my core values.  If you are feeling a little lost in life or need to make serious decisions or find your path, I'd highly consider talking with Jessica.  The conversation can help you find the answers within yourself and open you to new perspectives and opportunities!"


Brandon, Executive Recruiter, Healthcare Provider

"Coaching with Jessica has been extremely beneficial.  I have gained a different pair of glasses to view my world through.  Jessica has given me a cause for pause and has helped me build a level of peace within myself.  It has been phenomenal!"

Image by Nate Johnston

Lola, Manager, Software Company

"I feel like I am waking up.  Jessica has been like a guardian angel, allowing me to uncover my values through deep self-discovery!"

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Jonathan, Advanced Animator, Multinational Mass Media Company

Coaching with Jessica has been a game changer for me.  I have made tremendous progress after meeting weekly with her.  I've realized my core values, identified my career goals, and have gained the confidence to more forward.  I'm looking forward to continued success with her coaching program."

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