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Stop Apologizing for Being Yourself

I help people overcome self-doubt and gain clarity on what sparks a fire in their soul so they can shine bright and live powerful, authentic, exhilarating lives.

Meet Jessica

Certified Professional Leadership & Life Coach

The world needs YOU exactly as you were meant to be.


You know that song, "what the world needs now, is love, sweet love?"  Love is someone who is able to live their life authentically, consciously CHOOSE the decisions they make and express themselves exactly as they want, because it makes them feel good. 


I am passionate about helping people find the courage to be their authentic selves.  

​My expertise is helping people find the confidence to stop apologizing for wanting to live an extraordinary life and to start expressing themselves freely.

I will help you rise in the face of fear so you can take control over the choices you make.  You deserve to live in alignment with your own, personal values.

"When I finally found the courage to be unapologetically me, my life transformed into everything I dreamed it could be!"

What I Specialize In

Personal Life Coaching

Human Potential Assessments

Executive Leadership Coaching

Live and Virtual Events

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Each one of us is a perfect, unique energy force.

"I first began coaching sessions with Jessica at the beginning of 2020—a year that has taken us all down unexpected paths. I had previously experienced some personal losses but had eventually reached the point where I could turn my attention to moving my writing, editing, and training business online. As a creative, I was inundated with more ideas than I could possibly carry out. My attempts to organize them bore more resemblance to the Neverending Story than a To Do list. Jessica’s upbeat and clear guidance helped me focus my efforts. Little by little I formed the habit of choosing narrow and specific tasks each week so that I was able to concentrate on the items that were helping me accomplish my most significant goals. I still have a long way to go, but Jessica’s patient and insightful direction has moved me closer to where I want to be, which is taking authors from aspiring to avid. Her encouragement has helped me gain momentum and I am moving more confidently toward my goals—and I’m crossing things off that unending list."​

- Jeanette F. Chaplin, Ed.D., Owner, Words are Forever

"Jessica helped me clarify my professional goals and move forward with starting my own business. Her warm, engaging style, curiosity, and strong, intuitive listening skills were key in helping me gain new insights about myself and my goals. She is a client's "best friend" and having her as my coach helped me be motivated, clear, and courageous in pursuing my dream of setting up my own business. I highly recommend her to anyone considering coaching -- wonderful experience!"

- Linda Wajda, Professional Coach

"Jessica's coaching abilities are amazing.  She really understands how to plant seeds for thought and change when working with her clients."

- Diane S., Real Estate Agent

"I have been lucky enough to work with and be coached by Jessica over the past few months, and have been blown away by her positive energy, her intuitive and powerful listening skills, and perceptive ability. Jess expertly partners with her clients and her warm demeanor and confidence has given me a big boost of assurance and courage towards facing whatever topic I have brought to her. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone considering coaching, as it is a fantastic experience."

- Scott Anderson, Social Media and Marketing Executive

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