Hi! I'm Jessica.

I've dedicated my life to empowering
heart-centered people 
to remove the guilt from asking for what they want so they can courageously create a life they love and deserve.

It's your time to shine.

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step into your worth and courageously create your ultimate life...


What it means to be heart-centered:

  • You care deeply and want the best for those around you. 

  • You feel good when people like you.

  • You genuinely enjoy being kind to others.

  • You think of others before you act and speak.

  • You’re a natural caregiver and feel valued when you can make others happy.

  • You are compassionate and have deep empathy for those who struggle.

  • You’re excellent at empowering others and lifting people up.

  • You lead with a humble approach.

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Being kind to those around you is wonderful. But when you hesitate to express yourself authentically out of fear of hurting others, it can become

detrimental to your personal development and growth.

The pitfalls of being "too nice":

  • You struggle to voice your opinions out of fear of being disliked. 

  • You hesitate to go after your goals because you worry you might make others uncomfortable if you put your own needs first.

  • You battle with guilt for asking for what you want because you don’t want to come across pushy, needy or ungrateful.

  • You're frustrated because you don't understand why people aren't as considerate as you are.

  • You tolerate a lot and feel the pressure of the world on your shoulders as if it’s your job to make everything perfect for those around you.

  • Your fear of being perceived as someone who brags has made it difficult to identify and share your unique gifts and talents.

  • You sometimes feel like you don’t deserve to be happy or lead an extraordinary life.

  • You settle for "good enough".

I can help you:

  • Build Resilience to people-pleasing out of fear of being disliked. 

  • Get Comfortable having difficult conversations.

  • Overcome Anxiety when expressing yourself, authentically.

  • Obliterate Fear of being misunderstood.

  • Gain Confidence to speak up and voice your opinions with those you previously felt intimidated by.

  • Remove Guilt from asking for what you want.

  • Eliminate Resentment with those that aren't as understanding as you are.

  • Increase your Self-Love and respect for your personal needs.

  • Find Clarity on what living a passionate and fulfilling life means to you.

  • Discover and Embrace your unique strengths.

  • Gain Enthusiasm and Joy in every day.

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Your Quick Tip Guide to
Embracing your Unique Talents, Strengths, and Quirks so you can Take Charge of your Life.

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Testimonials &


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Sarah, Social Media Executive

Image by Ga

Despina, Executive Pastry Chef / Bakery Owner

"I have been blown away by Jessica's positive energy, her intuitive and powerful listening skills, and her perceptive ability.  Jess expertly partners with her clients and her warm demeanor and confidence have given me a big boost of assurance and courage towards facing whatever challenge I have brought to her."


Jeanette F. Chaplin, Ed.D., Owner Words are Forever

"I first began coaching sessions with Jessica at the beginning of 2020—a year that has taken us all down unexpected paths. I had previously experienced some personal losses but had eventually reached the point where I could turn my attention to moving my writing, editing, and training business online. As a creative, I was inundated with more ideas than I could possibly carry out. My attempts to organize them bore more resemblance to the Neverending Story than a To Do list. Jessica’s upbeat and clear guidance helped me focus my efforts. Little by little I formed the habit of choosing narrow and specific tasks each week so that I was able to concentrate on the items that were helping me accomplish my most significant goals. I still have a long way to go, but Jessica’s patient and insightful direction has moved me closer to where I want to be, which is taking authors from aspiring to avid. Her encouragement has helped me gain momentum and I am moving more confidently toward my goals—and I’m crossing things off that unending list."

"Jessica's genuine desire to help others lead happy & meaningful lives comes through within moments of speaking with her. My first session felt like a relaxed conversation, and that was comforting. It can be scarily overwhelming to decide to feel vulnerable (in any capacity) to another human being. This is true for most of us almost all of the time, but it is especially true during a time of introspection. Taking a personal journey for growth & clarity is intimidating, and I found that Jessica listens in an attentive, non-judgemental way. She helped me understand my goals as well as personal roadblocks I was creating for myself. When I felt unsure of how to respond, she guided the conversation with various perspectives at different questions and concepts. She is pure in nature and honest in conversation, and that helped diffuse the anxiety brought on by choosing to face myself. Understanding yourself often means being patient with the comprehension of your own thoughts, and Jessica helped me feel at ease to do just that."

Image by Gabriel Silvério

Linda, Education Professional

"Jessica's warm, engaging style, curiosity, and strong, intuitive listening skills were key in helping me gain new insights about me and my goals. She is a client's "best friend" and having her as my coach helped me be motivated, clear, and courageous in pursuing my dream of setting up my own business."

Image by Jaddy Liu

Irene, Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

"Coaching with Jessica is amazing.  Jessica is a great coach who finds a way to help me relax, gain new insights and discover ways to improve my life."

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Diane, Top 1% Realtor

"Jessica's coaching abilities are amazing.  She really understands how to plant seeds for thought and change when working with her clients."


Joelle, Publicist. Author. Writer.

"Jessica always provides great support because she reminds me of important things, like my core values.  If you are feeling a little lost in life or need to make serious decisions or find your path, I'd highly consider talking with Jessica.  The conversation can help you find the answers within yourself and open you to new perspectives and opportunities!"

Image by Chelsey Hendricks

Amy, Management Analyst

"Our first call far exceeded my expectations. In talking with Jessica

I had realizations about myself and why I have certain feelings at work that I had never even considered until today. It was enlightening. I came away feeling like I had a better understanding of myself and my place here in my department."

Image by Colton Sturgeon

Lola, Manager, Software Company

"I feel like I am waking up.  Jessica has been like a guardian angel, allowing me to uncover my values through deep self-discovery!"

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